for the little ones

Are you thinking about decorating the baby's or boy's or girl's room? Vintiun products are ideal for decorating the rooms of the little ones, and also for gifts, as they will surely love their personalization. So, do you already know how to decorate a children's room?

Decoration for a children's room

It is well known that their room is where the little ones in the house spend the most time, either playing or even studying and doing homework for school, so they need it tidy and, of course, they also want it pretty. All our products are made of wood, so they will give a rustic and classic touch to the room that you will love. Why don't you try to make an original children's room?


A pencil holder will look luxurious on your desk

To avoid messy desks, a pencil holder is the solution.


Try to put a personalized plate

The wooden plaques are ideal for hanging the name of the boy or girl on the wall or on the door of the room. Or wherever you like, let your imagination flow.


For the Pérez Mouse to come to visit…

There should be a magic door for him to enter the little boy's room. Why don't you put one so I can go in and leave a gift for the little one?


custom luminous stars

Leave it in the boy's or girl's room to function as a nightlight. With your name, you will feel protected.


custom mini star

Small luminous stars to illuminate the child's room. You can hang it on the wall, closet or leave it where it looks best.