personalized plates

Following Vintiun's aesthetics and philosophy, these wooden plaques cannot be missing from your home, and are ideal for making a personalized gift. Discover all the designs and choose the one you like best. Do you know where one of them would look great? Hanging on the door of the newborn's room.

custom wooden plaques

These plates are not the typical engraved plates in which the text is marked on the wood, but rather, as in the other Vintiun products, the name you choose to put is made by hooking the wooden letters one by one. This means that you have the possibility to personalize the plate with one of our kits.

Now, you will always have the option of us personalizing them, so, before adding the plate to the cart, write the name you want and the personalized plate with the name ready to hang on the door will arrive directly to you or the wall.

Choose the design that you like the most

In Vintiun you will find different designs for the plates. There are some in the shape of a cloud, others in a crown, and with different shapes engraved on them, such as stars, hearts, clouds or moons.

And for special occasions, check out Christmas baubles and named hearts.

Continuing with the aesthetics and philosophy of the brand, we present this new product. Customizable and distinguished. These are personalized plates in white and wood. 100% wood from sustainable forests.

Product designed, manufactured in Spain.
Patented by VINTIUN®