Cake Toppers

Do you already know what cake toppers are? They are figures with specific shapes used as a decoration for birthday cakes, weddings, baby showers or any other celebration. The cake toppers that you will find at Vintiun are all made with sustainable wood.

Personalized cake toppers

Our toppers are personalized, so you will be able to write the name of the person for whom the cake is directed. In addition, there are also some toppers in which you can add the number of years you are celebrating and even choose a small special text for the occasion, such as the classic Congratulations, Happy day, or We love you, dad, among others. So, together with the text, this cake decoration will look great on any occasion, since it can be adapted to the party or event that you are going to celebrate.

Like all Vintiun products, these personalized cake toppers are not made with engraved wood, but the name is attached letter by letter to it, just like the numbers and words, which are already made.

Cake decoration, which becomes a decorative plate once the celebration is over.

Product designed, manufactured in Spain.
Patented by VINTIUN®