wood trees

If you live in the middle of the city, even if you love it, you may sometimes miss feeling nature around you. Do you see that this happens to you? Well, give a natural touch to your home with a tree made of wood from sustainable forests. If you put one (or several) in the dining room, or in the corner of your house that you think is convenient, the atmosphere will begin to improve immediately.

Wooden trees to decorate your house

Vintiun's wooden trees are perfect for anywhere in your home, whether it's in the dining room, your bedroom, or you could also put it in the children's room. In addition, thanks to its size, it makes them discreet decorative elements, or quite the opposite, since, as you will see, there are models in which you can choose their size: from 65 cm in height to 175 cm. As you can see, you will be able to put it in a small place where it just fits, or another where all the guests at your house will not stop noticing it.

Choose the tree that you like the most

In Vintiun you can choose 3 types of trees, each one with its different characteristics and uses:

The wooden Christmas tree. What can be said about him? The name says it all. Choose the size you prefer and enjoy it.
The wishing tree. To give or treat yourself. It is perfect if you want to give it to someone who is about to celebrate their First Communion, or even for a Wedding.
The tree of life or family. Perfect to give as a gift on Father's or Mother's Day, or to another member of your family, such as your grandparents or uncles. Personalize it with the 6 balls that come with it and leave them ready before delivering it.

Product designed, manufactured in Spain.
Patented by VINTIUN®