shining stars

Young children feel more comfortable with a dim light in the room when they have to go to sleep. Even if the light is low, it is enough to make them feel safer. So, if you are looking for original lamps for the little ones, these personalized star-shaped wooden lamps are perfect as gifts.

Personalized nightlight lamp

For the little ones to feel comfortable at night in their room, a personalized lamp with a name is perfect to put in it. You can leave it where you like, either on the nightstand, on your desk, or on top of any piece of furniture along with your toys. In addition, they are wooden lamps, so with their more rustic style they will be perfect wherever you decide.

Choose the reason that you like the most

This lamp, in addition to being a luminous star in which the name can be seen, also has a small drawing to decorate it, such as butterflies, a soccer theme, or hearts. But don't worry, there are also designs with just the name or completely blank so you can customize it to your liking.

But... Is it a lamp only for children?

The beauty of this product is that it is for all ages, since it can be used both as a nightlight and as a decorative element in the living room or, for example, in the hall. And check out this lamp that you can put two names on, it sure is perfect as a Valentine's gift.

Personalized lamp, handmade from sustainable forest wood! A unique lighting that shines even with the light off... Personalized with the name you want. Select the model that you like the most and enjoy a totally personalized lamp.

Product designed, manufactured in Spain.
Patented by VINTIUN®