Christmas decoration

Now that the cold has come to spend a few months with us, Christmas is beginning to be felt in the atmosphere. Are you already preparing the Christmas lights in your city and you still haven't thought about Christmas gifts and decorations? It's okay, because you still have time, and in Vintiun you will surely find what you need.

Sustainable Christmas decorations

Decorating your house before Christmas arrives is the best way to wait for it, because time passes much more pleasantly and every day is a little Christmas. And while you're thinking about Christmas decorations, why not use sustainable ones? All the decoration that you will find in Vintiun is made of wood from sustainable forests, with which you will be giving the best gift to the planet.

In addition, the Christmas decoration in wood gives a homely and rustic touch to your living room, moving away from the most conventional decoration and leaving guests surprised on Christmas Eve.

What decoration do you want?

At Vintiun you will find three basic elements to decorate your home this Christmas.


wooden christmas trees

Do you like a more discreet and cozy decoration? Well, a wooden Christmas tree is perfect for you. Put it wherever you want thanks to its sizes.


Personalized wooden Christmas balls

Perfect for decorating your Christmas tree. Buy as many as people live at home and personalize each one with each name.


custom mini stars

Small luminous stars to decorate your house. Personalize them with the name of each family member and they will love it.