Personalized wooden Christmas balls

If you enjoy Christmas and decorating your home for these dates, Christmas balls are an ornament that cannot be missing. But not just any balls but wooden Christmas balls.

Wooden Christmas balls to decorate your home

These Christmas balls made with sustainable wood are ideal for decorating any corner of your home. And its true charm is that they are personalized Christmas balls with a name, so you can make one for each member of the family or for the friends that you meet for dinner and lunch during the Holidays.

They are tiny, they are 10 cm in diameter, and, in addition, they are very thin, so it will not be difficult for you to find the places where you want to put them.

What to decorate with wooden Christmas balls?

The answer is very personal, so let your imagination flow and place them wherever you like. Still, you can try placing them on a wooden tree, making them hang from it by some of its branches. Or, why don't you try putting them on the dinner table or Christmas meal? You can make a personalized ball for each person who will come, and thus, in addition to decorating the table, you can use the balls as placeholders.

Do you want to customize the balls yourself, or do we do it for you?

At Vintiun you will see that we offer you two possibilities regarding the personalization of Christmas balls. On the one hand, you can choose the balls with the names that you want there to be and we will personalize them for you. On the other hand, you can also buy the balls with the kit with all the letters to be able to do it as you like and in your own way.