custom photo frames

Surely you have that special person with whom you have dozens of photos together from your trips, parties and hangouts that you have done over the years. If his birthday is coming up or you plan to give him a gift for another occasion, he will love a personalized wooden photo frame, and its sentimental value will be incalculable.

Give away original photo frames

Sometimes it can be hard for us to think of a gift, even though we know better than anyone who we are going to give it to. In these cases, it is best to play it safe, and a gift made especially for him or her will surprise him or her. That is why you will love a personalized wooden frame so that you can frame your best photo. In addition, it is not a normal frame, but rather a photo holder in which you can hook or hang the photo you want with a small clip.

And remember the most important thing, customize the frame. At Vintiun we like details and gifts to be as personal as possible, and personalized frames were not going to be less. When you go to buy it, you only have to put the name of the person to whom you are going to give it and we will take care of personalizing it for you.

Photo frames made of sustainable forest wood personalized with the name of your choice in contrast.

Product designed, manufactured in Spain.
Patented by VINTIUN®