Home decor

What is an undecorated house? A home wants its own style, and most importantly, it must be welcoming to you, so how you decorate it will only depend on you. At Vintiun we want to help you on this adventure, so why don't you stay and take advantage of our own style?


Decoration with wood for your house

The decoration of houses with wood is the order of the day. Its Nordic style can make your home an affable and different place from how you had it before. In addition, it provides a pleasant rustic touch that will bring nature closer to your home.

It should be said that wood is one of the best materials to decorate your home. And at Vintiun we do not want to be left behind, which is why we offer sustainable decoration with forest wood.


What decoration elements do you want?

At Vintiun we have different products that you can put in the living room or any room, and many of them are personalized. So why not take a look to see what you like best?


custom star lamps

It is a star-shaped lamp made of wood with the name of the person to whom it is addressed.


custom photo frames

Wooden frames with the name of the person to frame that special photo with family or best friends.


Decorative plaques for the wall or doors

Perfect for the little ones. Personalize it with her name and hang it on her bedroom door.


personalized pencil holder

Decorate your desk with this pencil holder made of wood personalized with your name or the name of the person to whom you give it.


Personalized Christmas balls

Ideal for decorating your Christmas tree. You can write the name of each family member on them.


Ratoncito Pérez Gate

If the Pérez Mouse has to pay a visit at home... You're going to have to make it easy for him, right?


wood trees

Give a magical touch to the corners of your house with a wooden tree. They come in different sizes, so you're sure to find one that looks great on you.


custom mini stars

Like bright stars, but smaller. Illuminates the darkest corners of the rooms.