About us

About us

We are VINTIUN . A team of seven people who, day by day, work to give our best; showing us that, with enthusiasm and effort, great things can be achieved and that the limits are only imaginary.

Although we have been in the world of laser cutting for crafts and gift items for years, it was in 2018 when we created a star, the first luminous star we made, that changed the direction of the project. We currently dedicate most of our efforts to customizing thousands of stars, as the market acceptance is excellent.

We continue to constantly develop new products, always with our philosophy of innovative, original, customizable and handmade products in our national workshop. Because it's good to have what everyone has, but it's even better to have what almost no one has.

If you are looking for original and surprising products, you are in the right place!

WELCOME @! And… may the stars be with you!

The people who make Vintiun come true

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